Capture at the speed of thought

Total light and camera control for photographers

Revolutionary touchscreen and haptic ring-dial interface for ultimate creative control.

Trigger two brands
at the same time for limitless lighting possibilities.

Stay focused with IR and white-light intelligent focus assist.

Use SyncView to adjust flash timing with data captured using the built-in light meter.

Pair with your favorite PocketWizard e-release for effortless compatibility.

Sync Different with all day rechargeable battery, TTL, Manual, PowerTrack and so much more.

OLED Touchscreen

Tap here or there, anywhere.

The Raven features a full-color touchscreen designed to function wherever you take your studio. The OLED touchscreen allows you to select and edit lighting zones, adjust trigger settings, set up a main camera and remotes, and configure an array of proprietary features.

Shoe release

Ready for primetime in no time.

Mount easily to your camera’s hot shoe in less than a second using two quick release buttons. A unibody metal shoe improves electrical and physical contact and alock pin makes a satisfying click once it’s in place.

Haptic Ring Dial

Discover an intuitive way to interact with your lights.

Simply rotate the dial to adjust your power level and feel a satisfying tick. The Raven lets your fingers think for you.
Four buttons enable easy zone selection and activation. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts button backlight so you can make a quick adjustment anywhere.

Zone Buttons

Multi-Input UI

Touchscreen or rubber button – you choose. The Raven is ready for gloved use in frigid temperatures, or quick adjustments when in the middle of a shoot.

Cloud Connectivity

Software updates are now smarter. New features are available at the tap of a button through WiFi cloud updates.1

Rechargeable Battery

All-day rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers up to 16 hours on a single charge.
Sync Different
Fluid lighting control at your fingertips
The ideal exposure, automatically.
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The goldilocks of TTL and manual.
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Sometimes the best flash control is the simplest.
Adjust the timing of flash pops down to the tenth of a millisecond.
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Modeling light energy management
Automatically turn on and off modeling lights after camera sleep and wake.
32 Channels of Lighting Control
Real-time interference indicator makes finding an ideal channel easy.
HSS and FP
Achieve shutter speeds above X-Sync.
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Intelligent Focus Assist
Achieve razor sharp focus with IR or white light focus assist. In today’s world of fast-faced shoots with changing lighting conditions, sometimes your camera needs some extra help to find the perfect focus. Raven automatically turns on its built-in IR or white lights when your camera is focusing.
Intelligently capture multiple exposures in the same frame.
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Sequential flash triggering for activated zones.
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Master your big event with confidence.

The Raven is the most robust two-way radio platform ever created for professional photographers to trigger remote cameras.

Remote Camera Control

Main Raven, meet Remote Raven

There can be more than one Raven in a nest, in fact they love Track and Field. A remote Raven is a ready remote for your camera when paired with a main Raven. With 130 available channels, they chit-chat with uncluttered sub-GHz communication. Even better, your main Raven can trigger up to 8 different remote camera zones – enough to cover BMX, Horse Racing, and more.
Signal Strength Meter
Know with assurity that your remote camera zones will trigger with Raven to Raven ping.
control channels
zones of camera control
Up to 4 miles of range is achieved with exclusive Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filter technology.
See how many triggers have been sucessfully completed in each zone.

Up to 3 frames-per-second camera triggering is possible with Raven to Raven triggering.

Combine a PocketWizard with the Raven for low latency fast frame-rate remote triggering.

WakeUp Mode
Need to set up days in advance and don’t want your batteries dead on the big day? Schedule Raven WakeUp to automatically bring your camera out of hibernation up to 2 weeks in advance. This is great when access to shooting positions is closed off before the event – Opening Ceremonies and Rocket launch here we come.
Sound Trigger
Set a threshold, the Raven triggers one to 60 shots.
Timelapse Mode
Choose a photo count (2 to 9,999) and select an interval (1 sec to 24 hrs). Let your Raven do the rest.
Cloud Update: 2.4GHz WiFi connection required.
All day battery life: asuming average use. Testing performed on a pre-production unit in January 2021.
SpeedCycle is not compatible with Profoto flashes at this time.
Requires a Raven to Camera USB cable, sold separately.